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WHO Hand Sanitizer: Buy One / Gift One Program

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AOTCO now has hand sanitizer available for donation and sale. For every bottle sold, AOTCO will donate one to first responders and those in need.

Our priority is to support first responders, hospitals, & other emergency response organizations. The focus is on donations, but we will be selling some sanitizer to support these donations, as follows:

  • This is WHO Formula #2 hand sanitizer. It is 75% isopropyl alcohol, 1.25% glycerol, 0.125% hydrogen peroxide, and the rest purified water. Isopropyl concentration is verified by testing.
  • This is a LIQUID hand sanitizer, not a gel. It works best if you put it into a spray bottle (an eyeglass cleaner bottle would be ideal). However, to be clear, we are NOT providing a spray bottle at this time.
  • For each bottle purchased, we will donate an equal amount to emergency response organizations.
  • Our current run has limited quantities due to constraints in the supply of isopropyl alcohol. Depending on demand, we may need to limit the quantity per buyer.

If you are interested in purchasing sanitizer, please fill add to cart above.

If you know of any organizations that are soliciting donations of sanitizer, please reach out to us directly at

Thank you for your support!

This link has information on the WHO hand sanitizer formula:

Buy Hand Sanitizer
Request Donation or Bulk Inquiry