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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


“Can AOTCO electroplate to ______ spec?”

Please Click Here to view AOTCO’s list of specifications, or here to request compliance to a specification not listed.

“What base metals can AOTCO plate?”

Click Here to view a list of base materials/substrates, or here to request a base metal not listed.

“Does AOTCO expedited orders directly for COVID-19 response items (i.e. ventilators, mechanical suction pumps)?”

Yes! AOTCO is proud to help those who are building the tools needed to care for us all. Click Here to submit an expedited order form.

How do I decide which metal to plate on a part?

Click Here to contact our technical sales engineering team, or reach out by phone at (978) 667-8298.

If you need a finishing partner who will listen carefully and then Make it Happen for You, call AOTCO at 1 888 275 0880

Since 1975 AOTCO Metal Finishing LLC has delivered outstanding results for clients with the toughest requirements for metal finishing.

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