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MIL-R-46085 Technical Information

About: Electrodeposition of Rhodium over metallic surfaces.

Classification (thickness):

Class 1 – 0.000002 inch minimum

Class 2 – 0.00001 inch minimum

Class 3 – 0.00002 inch minimum

Class 4 – 0.0001 inch minimum

Class 5 – 0.00025 inch minimum



Surfaces other than nickel, silver, gold, or platinum shall be nickel plated in accordance with QQ-N-290. Underplating must be used when parts are corrosion or heat resistant steels. Underplating thickness will not be used in determination of rhodium plating thickness.


When required reflective purposes, the plating shall be sufficiently smooth to give a reflectance of at least 75%.

When rhodium plated surfaces are to be tested for reflectivity, the angle of reflection and incidence shall be measured at 45 degrees plus or minus two degrees. A flat surface shall be used for reflectivity tests.

Ordering Data:

Procurement documents should specify the following:

  • Title, number, and date of the specification
  • Class of plating required
  • Whether a preproduction sample is required
  • If surface is required for reflective purposes
  • Sampling plan and acceptable quality level
  • Preparation for delivery requirements