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Post Process Finishing

As the saying goes, you can make a first impression only once. And the same logic applies to your parts. It does no one any good to spend weeks and months designing and machining a part only to have the final appearance fall short of the goal.

To help you to ensure your projects finish as beautifully as they start, AOTCO is pleased to offer the following Post-Process Treatments.

Types of Post-Process Treatments Available

Laser Marking

Laser Marking is a broad category of methods in which a laser is used to create and leave marks on an object. These marks can include etching, color changes due to chemical/molecular alteration, charring, foaming, melting, ablation, and more.


Engraving is the process or art of cutting, carving, or incising a design on a hard surface.

Chemical Films

Also called Conversion Coatings, Chemical Films are created via an electrochemical or chemical reaction of metals, where the chosen treatment superficially converts the material into a thin adhering coating of an insoluble compound. These treatments can bring a variety of benefits, including surface corrosion protection even at low electrical resistances, increased paint adhesion capability, enhanced surface hardness, and decorative purposes

Hydrogen Embrittlement Stress Relief

Hydrogen embrittlement can occur when hydrogen ions become trapped in the metal matrix. When these hydrogen ions combine into hydrogen gas, they can put pressure on the matrix causing a reduction in ductility and tensile strength and even result in the part cracking. One of the solutions to this problem is Hydrogen Embrittlement Stress Relief. To achieve this, AOTCO bakes the part up to 400F in a “nitrogen-rich” environment to release the trapped hydrogen ions.

Not sure which Post-Process Treatment will best match your specific needs?

We're happy to help. Simply contact us to get things started.

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