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What is Electroplating?

Plating is the process by which a metal is deposited onto a substrate. The many benefits of plating include improving thermal and electrical conductivity; increasing corrosion, wear, and heat resistance; boosting hardness; and even enhancing aesthetics.


How It Works

Plating typically is achieved by either electrical or chemical methods of dispersing a thin layer of the plating metal onto the substrate. The science of the first method – Electroplating – is accomplished by immersing the substrate into a bath containing metals ions. The substrate is attached to a wire through which an electrical current passes and then placed into the ion bath. The negatively charged substrate attracts the positively charged metal ions, yielding a smooth and even coating.  

AOTCO brings decades of skill in blending this science with the art of knowing how to achieve the plating outcome our clients require. 

Alternative Finishing Methods

Electroless Plating

The chemical method of plating handily referred to as “Electroless Plating”, achieves the same goals without using electricity.



Though not strictly a plating technique, Anodizing is another kind of surface treatment and is discussed on our Anodizing page.


Exotic Substrates

AOTCO electroplates on many exotic and uncommon substrates that most plating providers won’t or can’t do. Please visit our Substrates page to see a list of the substrates we commonly plate. 

Here to Help

If you’ve got a question about electroplating or other surface finishing, please reach out and speak with our experts to see AOTCO can best help you.

If you need a finishing partner who will listen carefully and then Make it Happen for You, call AOTCO at 1 888 275 0880

Since 1975 AOTCO Metal Finishing LLC has delivered outstanding results for clients with the toughest requirements for metal finishing.

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