Magnesium Plating


At AOTCO Ultralight, we pride ourselves on rising to the challenge for our customers. Whether it be unique plating methods, substrates, or configurations, AOTCO is willing to work with our customers to reach a solution.


Advantages of Magnesium vs Aluminum:

  • 33% lighter than aluminum
  • Similar or greater mechanical properties
  • Lower working temperatures extend die life and reduce energy consumption during production
  • Machining is faster and easier and machining tools last significantly longer
  • Superior thin-walled near net shape casting of larger, more complex parts so there are fewer components and less assembly required.
  • Greater general corrosion resistance


Metal Platings:

AOTCO begins with an in depth cleaning process, followed by electroless nickel. After the nickel is deposited, AOTCO is able to plate ANY of our platings onto the nickel substrate:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Cadmium
  • Rhodium
  • Copper
  • Electrolytic Nickel


AOTCO Ultralight’s Primary Magnesium alloys:

AZ31 (Wrought)

ZK60 (Wrought)

AZ91 (Thixomolded, High pressure die castings)

Other alloys utilized, please reach out at (978)667-8298 to request your specific alloy.


Typical uses for Magnesium alloys:

Handheld devices (EMI/RIF Shielding)

Satellite components

Spacecraft and Rovers



Laptop computers