AMS-2422 Technical Notes

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Purchase order shall specify not less than the following:
• AMS2422F
• Plating thickness desired.
• Minimum thickness on internal surfaces, if required.
• Basis metal to be plated
• Tensile strength or hardness of the basis metal [this would not apply to Aluminum ]
• Pre-plate stress relief to be performed by plating processor (time and temperature) if different from 3.1.2
• Special features, geometry or processing present on parts that requires special attention by the plating processor
• Hydrogen embrittlement relief to be performed by plating processor (parameters or reference document) if different from 3.3.
• Solderability when required.
• Quantity of pieces to be plated
Copper Strike
Standard parts are to be plated with either a copper flash or copper strike, unless parts are made of copper/copper alloy containing less than 15% zinc. If these criteria are met, the strike can be omitted.
Minimum thickness of 0.0001 inch (2.5 um)
Nickel Strike is to be done after copper strike.
Minimum thickness of 0.0001 inch (2.5 um)
Gold plating done after nickel strike.
Minimum thickness of 0.00005 inch (1.27 um) on all surfaces on which gold plating is specified.