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Metal Pre & Post Treatment

Why Are Pre & Post Treatments Important?
AOTCO's Finishing Techniques

While there are a wide range of benefits and positives that can be gained from an effective surface finishing solution, but oftentimes extra surface protection or additional coating are required for a component to operate effectively. This is where post treatment processes come in.

At AOTCO, we offer several post process treatments, such as: laser marking and engraving, Hydrogen embrittlement stress relief, and electropolishing.

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Chem Film
Chem Film
Chem Film - often referred to as Conversion Coating or Chromate - is a category of surface treatments that can bring a variety of benefits, including resistance against corrosion.
Custom Masking
Custom Masking
With members who have been masking parts for more than 40 years, our selective finishing team achieves incredibly detailed and precise masking for our clients.
Laser Engraving can provide a long-lasting, durable, marking, or engraving slightly lower than your substrate’s surface.
Laser Marking
Laser Marking
Also known as Laser Etching, Laser Marking can provide crisp, clean marking on the surface of your substrate.
Mechanical Cleaning
Mechanical Cleaning
We have a variety of blasting techniques – sand, vapor, aluminum oxide, glass bead and more – to clean and prepare your part’s surface for the next steps.
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Benefits of Metal Finishing

Although metal finishing is a simple idea, it is one that can accomplish many goals, including >>


From its humble beginnings with our ancestors to the advanced techniques we employ today, metal finishing is part of our unending collective effort to improve the performance of the tools we build and the beauty of the things we create.

  • Preventing Corrosion
  • changing conductibility
  • altering emissivity
  • enhancing or reducing conductivity
  • modifying lubricity
  • improving wear
  • increasing hardness
  • improving heat response & resistance
  • enhancing aesthetic appearance
  • Preventing Corrosion

Looking for Specs?

Learn more about the specifications AOTCO offers, including NADCAP-accredited and RoHS-compliant ones.
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