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AOTCO Metal Finishing

National Headquarters | AOTCO Labs

Founded in 1975, AOTCO Metal Finishing is proud to support industry primes, research driven organizations, innovators, and machine shops in Massachusetts as well as across the country. AOTCO is America’s trusted provider of specialty electroless plating, electroplating, anodizing, passivation, and other surface finishing services.

Serving the Aerospace & Defense, Clean Energy, Electronics, Medical, Optical, Telecommunications, Semiconductor, and other advanced technology manufacturing industries, AOTCO is dedicated to following the most stringent of industry standards. AOTCO is NADCAP accredited, ITAR certified, RoHS compliant, and also hold ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015, and AS 9100: 2016 certifications respectively.

Our headquarters is also home to our in-house research and development team AOTCO | Labs. Our team of chemical engineers, mechanical engineers & expert plating scientists work collaboratively with research-driven organizations to develop new processes and products, troubleshoot, and resolve complex plating problems, and scale finishing processes.


High Volume | Dedicated Capacity | Plating Innovation Center
4 Suburban Park Drive Building #4, Billerica MA

Since our inception in 1975, AOTCO Metal Finishing has only continued to grow, expanding our list of capabilities, clients, and industries served as each year passes by. With recent acquisitions like Light Metal Platers, Millennium Plating, Modern Metal Finishing, and Plating for Electronics, it was safe to say things at our Billerica headquarters were getting busy!

In 2024 AOTCO built out the new AOTCO #4 | High Volume & Dedicated Capacity Facility. With an additional 50,000 square feet, we have expanded large-part processing, hoist-line, and high-volume production to increase our Factory-in-Factory / Dedicated Capacity Programs to support advanced manufacturers & machine shops nationwide.

The facility also includes a new state of the art clean room (assembly & packaging), paint and powder coat booths, media blasting, and other finishing services.

Plating for Electronics

AOTCO | Color Anodizing Center of Excellence
94 Calvary St, Waltham MA

Since 1958, Plating for Electronics has provided high quality anodizing, plating, & finishing services to customers across New England and the United States. ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certified, Plating for Electronics was acquired by AOTCO in 2018 to increase capabilities, expand services, reduce turnaround times, and drive customer synergies.

Located in Waltham, Massachusetts, Plating for Electronics' 25,000 square foot facility provides extensive anodizing, plating, laser marking and engraving, as well as custom masking to advanced manufacturers. They follow stringent industry protocol, consistently yield high quality results, and exceed customer expectations for clients in the medical, aerospace & defense, semiconductors, electronics, and clean energy industries, to name a few.

Modern Metal Finishing

AOTCO | Hardcoat Rack & Bulk Anodize Center of Excellence
110 Willenbrock Rd, Oxford CT

Since its inception in 1985, Modern Metal Finishing has been proud to provide quality surface finishing services to clients across Connecticut, tri-state area and across the United States. Modern Metal Finishing was acquired by AOTCO in 2023, adding MMF’s high quality processes to the expanding AOTCO family.

Modern Metal Finishing is more than your typical “job shop,” as the team prides themselves on their creativity, innovation, and ability to adjust to the unpredictable nature of the industry while still complying with the most stringent of industry standards. This flexibility and adaptability has allowed MMF to grow several long-lasting business partners and develop new business relationships.

Serving clients in industries such as aerospace, defense, and medical manufacturing, Modern Metal Finishing understands the necessity of proper certifications and qualifications. MMF is NADCAP accredited and holds both the ISO9001:2015 and AC7004 certifications, allowing their technical team to comply with testing requirements or assist with developing procedures.

Light Metal Platers

Founded in 1960 as a small plating shop located in Waltham Massachusetts, Light Metal Platers was acquired by AOTCO in 2021. The acquisition combines AOTCO’s state of the art facilities, scientists, and processes with Light Metal’s years of expansive plating expertise and industry insight. The acquisition of Light Metal Platers also expanded AOTCO’s capabilities, allowing us to provide Type I Chromic Anodize to our customers. Plating scientist, industry veteran, and former owner of Light Metal Platers, Steven Delorey joined our R&D team, AOTCO | LABS in 2021 as Technical Director, and has been providing invaluable surface finishing insight ever since

Millennium Plating

Once the nation’s leading supplier in Magnesium plating, Millennium Plating was acquired by AOTCO back in 2021. Formerly located in Lowell, Massachusetts, Millennium Plating was known for its high quality electroless plating processes and of course, magnesium plating. AOTCO’s acquisition of Millennium Plating allows us to integrate their years of invaluable plating research and knowledge with our expansive resources and state of the art facilities. On top of this, the acquisition once again expands AOTCO’s capabilities, allowing us to provide Magnesium plating to our customers. Former Millennium Plating owner, plating scientist, chemical engineer, and industry veteran - Stephen Rorbacher - joined our R&D team at AOTCO | LABS as Technical Director, and has been utilizing his vast years of experience with us ever since


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