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What are AMS-A-8625 specs?

When working with an industry as innovative and demanding as the Aerospace industry, there no room for error. To ensure compliance and quick turnaround times, many industries have established finishing specifications for their partners.

ASM specs are process specifications that are set by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). ASM stands for Aerospace Material Specifications, and many of the jobs using this spec are in coordination with the aerospace industry.

The SAE created ASM specs to help their contractors easily identify what specifications and proper practices need to be followed. At AOTCO, we pride ourselves on our dedication to these specs, as they allow us to continue to provide quality metal finishing for our partners in the aerospace industry.

Why Use AMS-A-8625?

AMS-A-8625 is one of the most used specs for anodizing in the aerospace industry. The spec highlights 6 different types of anodizing as well as 2 different classes. Classes are used to determine whether the anodize is dyed.

AMS-A-8625 also provides thickness requirements for each different type. These specifications make it easy for our team to quickly identify the type, class, and thickness requirements of the purchase order they are working on.