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What is AMS-QQ-N-290?

One of the most common Electrolytic Nickel specs is AMS-QQ-N-290.  Mainly used in compliance with the aerospace industry, AMS-QQ-N 290 specifies 2 classes (1 and 2) and 6 different grades (A to G) of thickness.

AMS-QQ-N-290 was developed by the SAE in 2015 as an updated version of the 2009 spec with the same name. It is still used today as one of the aerospace industry’s most common nickel-plating specs.

What’s the Difference Between Electrolytic and Electroless Nickel?

While both are forms of nickel plating, they differ greatly in process. Electroless nickel is plated without the use of electricity, and electrolytic nickel is plated with electricity.

The Benefits of Electrolytic Nickel Plating - AMS-QQ-N-290

Parts that are plated in electrolytic nickel have a variety of attributes that set them apart from their electroless counterparts. One of those differences being conductivity. Electrolytic nickel is a stronger conductor of electricity than electroless nickel. It also has a higher heat resistance and is 100% pure nickel (while Electroless Nickel includes Phosphorus). Finally, Electrolytic nickel is less expensive than electroless nickel, making it a cost-efficient option for large scale projects and parts.