Black Oxide Technical Information

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Black oxide is not a typical plating process. It is closer to passivation in the sense that a chemical reaction is occurring on the surface of the metal causing a very thin layer of oxide to form. This means that you will not have much of a noticeable buildup as you would with a typical metal plating process such as gold, nickel, copper. Black oxide is more used for its appearance then its function. The final appearance of your black oxide is heavily based on the appearance of the base material. Metals can be polished or abraded to increase or decrease reflectivity. Polished surfaces are more commonly used for light reflectivity while matte/blasted finishes are used for light diffusion.


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We perform other black finishes such as Black Anodize, Black Nickel, and Black Ebonol all of them have different things they excel at. Black nickel tends to absorb light better. While black anodize is more wear resistant. If you are unsure then it may be worth calling us before placing your order.