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At AOTCO Metal Finishing, we pride ourselves on our extensive list of metal finishing services and capabilities that we have provided our clients for the last 50 years. However, aside from surface finishing processes like electroplating or anodizing, we also offer several pre-treatment and surface preparation processes. One of those processes is called Blasting.

Blasting, or media blasting, is the process of taking a solid, often dense, material and “blasting” it against a substrate to clean and smoothen its surface. Blasting can be done in a variety of diverse ways depending on the substrate, media being used, and available blasting equipment.

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Benefits of Media Blasting

Blasting is a key, yet often overlooked, element to an efficient and effective plating process. If not properly, or at all, it can lead to further complications during the finishing process or later down the line during a component’s functionality. Some of the most notable benefits of Media Blasting are as follows:

  • Rust and Corrosion removal
  • Smooths Surface
  • Easier paint application
  • Prevents complications during finishing processes
  • And more!
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Types of Media Blasting at AOTCO

At AOTCO, we provide nearly 50 years of expertise in the surface finishing industry, including media blasting. We specialize in several different media types for our blasting process, including but not limited to: 

Vapor – Also known as wet blasting or liquid honing, Vapor Blasting uses vapor to clean, blast and de-grease the surface of a component. The least abrasive of all our blasting process and provides no dimensional changes to the substrate. Vapor blasting is a great choice when trying to remove paint, grease, or rust from your components without altering their dimensions. 

Aluminum Oxide – Aluminum Oxide blasting uses dense marble-like components to blast the surface of an object. AO is more expensive than some other forms of media blasting, but when used in a blast cabinet the media can be recycled and used again, ultimately reducing costs. AO blasting is versatile, strong, and can blast almost any surface.

Glass Bead – Glass Bead blasting uses spherical glass beads to even out the surface of a substrate. Great media choice for delicate surfaces. Recyclable, and efficient at cleaning a surface without altering its dimensions too greatly. 

Sand – One of the strongest forms of media blasting, Sand Blasting uses a powerful stream of sand to clean and blast the surface of a material. Leaving it with a smooth, non-reflective, matte finish. 

And more!

If you have any questions about abrasive media blasting, media type recommendations, or AOTCO’s media blasting capabilities, feel free to contact us at 1-888-275-0880!


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