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Higher, Farther, Faster:  AOTCO Launches New Type I Chromic Acid Anodizing Line


Serving Our Nation’s Aerospace Firms with the Highest Quality Plating 


AOTCO Metal Finishing, LLC is pleased to announce the introduction of a new Type I Chromic Acid Anodizing service. Delivered via a purpose-built production line, this service expands AOTCO’s ability to provide its aerospace and other clients with the highest quality plating and finishing services. 

Boston-based AOTCO is a leading metal finishing company, bringing a wide variety of metal plating and finishing services to a broad range of industrial customers across the continent. 

In order to help aerospace firms go higher, farther and faster, NADCAP-accredited AOTCO has added a new, purpose-built Type I Chromic Acid Anodizing plating service. This type of finishing is especially well-suited to the strict tolerances required by aerospace firms and is available for immediate booking. 

Heading up and running this service is industry veteran Steve Delorey, previously the owner/operator of Light Metal Platers LLC, along with other former Light Metal employees. “We are extremely fortunate to join forces with Steve Delorey and his team. Not only does Steve brings 42 years of plating experience, he and his group have an unmatched reputation for quality output in Type I Chromic Anodize, as well as other plating finishes," said Matt Smith, President of AOTCO. 

“When I saw what Matt and the team at AOTCO are building I knew I wanted to be a part of it. It’s a tremendous opportunity to join a group that is so relentlessly focused on meeting the quality objectives of its clients and partners,” said Steve Delorey. 

Thinking even larger, folding in this new expertise fits in with AOTCO’s long-term objectives of building the plating industry’s premier R&D team and offering a comprehensive set of capabilities to solve even the most complex finishing challenges. “Steve is a creative problem solver who loves helping customers achieve the performance results they need. We couldn’t be more excited about how much more we can deliver with our new Type I Chromic Acid capabilities,” said Matt Smith. 



With a reputation for outstanding quality and speedy turnarounds, Boston-based AOTCO Metal Finishing is leading provider of specialty electroplating, anodizing, and other metal surface finishing services. Serving the Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Electronics, Medical, Optical, and Telecoms industries since 1975, NADCAP- and ISO 13485-accredited AOTCO is known for handling critical jobs and complex jobs, including multi-finish plating, complicated masking, parts with complex geometries, exotic substrates, and more. Through its research and development group, AOTCO Labs, AOTCO works closely with research-driven organizations to develop new processes and troubleshoot and resolve complex plating problems.   


Please visit www.AOTCO.com to find out more about our Type I Chromic Acid Anodizing and other services can meet your critical and complex finishing needs. Or drop us a note at sales@AOTCO.com to discuss your specification requirements.