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Metal Finishing Techniques & Processes

Since the earliest days of metal usage thousands of years ago, people have needed to manage and adjust the characteristics of their metal creations.

In modern times we employ a number of metal finishing techniques and technologies that continue this age-old endeavor.

Benefits of Metal Finishing

Although metal finishing is a simple idea, it is one that can accomplish many goals, including:

  • preventing corrosion
  • changing conductibility
  • altering emissivity
  • enhancing or reducing conductivity
  • modifying lubricity
  • improving wear
  • increasing hardness
  • improving heat response & resistance
  • enhancing aesthetic appearance

From its humble beginnings with our ancestors to the advanced techniques we employ today, metal finishing is part of our unending collective effort to improve the performance of the tools we build and the beauty of the things we create.

AOTCO’s Finishing Techniques

AOTCO Metal Finishing is proud to continue this tradition, offering a full range of finishing techniques and related activities to support today’s tool builders and creators as they shape the world of tomorrow.

Metal Finishing
Pre-Process Treatments
  • Mechanical Cleaning
  • Custom Masking
  • Chemical Films
Post-Process Treatments
  • Laser Marking
  • Engraving
  • Chemical Films
Process Engineering & Development
  • New Product / Process R&D
  • Troubleshooting
Materials & Substrates

Learn more about the Materials & Substrates AOTCO works with.


Finishing Specifications

Learn more about the many Finishing Specifications AOTCO offers and download our spec sheets.


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