Electroless Nickel

Aotco provides Electroless Nickel plating for all applications. We specialize in the Aerospace, Medical, Telecommunications, Optical and Electronic Industries.

Electroless nickel provides uniform buildup on materials with complex shapes/geometry. It does not require rectifiers, anodes or electrical current. Where all surfaces are plated the deposit thickness is quite uniform. Electroless nickel makes it possible to adhere to external and internal surfaces evenly.

The primary use for Electroless nickel is used for corrosion and wear resistance, hardness, solder-ability & as an under-plate for other metals, providing the desired uniformity for many applications. The properties of Electroless Nickel provide Rockwell hardness of 47-53. With a heat treatment it can be hardened up to 72.

Aotco offers Low, Medium and High Phosphorous coatings along with ROHS compliant applications.

Electroless Nickel is available in Low (2% – 5% Phosphorus), Medium (6% – 9% Phosphorus) & High (10% – 13% Phosphorus).

In many cases, Low Phosphorus Nickel can be used to replace Chrome Plating.

Medium Phosphorus Nickel is the “go to” type for most applications, and is by far the most popular.

High phosphorous electroless nickel can be used to obtain mirror finishes by machining or grinding back some of the coating.

At Aotco, we plate to your specified coating requirements.