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What Are Mil-PRF-8625 Specs?

Mil-PRF-8625 is the latest version of the Mil-A-8625 spec. Unchanged since 2003, Mil-A-8625 was updated in 2020 to provide clarity for auditors and industry members. Mil-PRF-8625 was created, with PRF indicating that the specification is for performance.

AOTCO’s work with the defense and military industries continues to be some of our most detail oriented. Our team is well versed in military plating requirements and complies with the latest mil-specs and processes.

Oftentimes the jobs we receive from these industries have strict requirements and process guidelines that we must follow rigorously. We are diligent in our dedication to staying informed about the latest changes to specs in the industry.

Why Use Mil-PRF-8625 instead of Mil-A-8625?  

The changes from Mil-A-8625 to Mil-PRF-8625 were purely administrative. Certain wordings and definitions were edited or omitted for clarification purposes, but nothing procedural was altered. The anodizing processes of Mil-A-8625 and Mil-PRF-8625 are identical.

Importance of Mil-PRF-8625

Compliance with the most recent military specs is essential for our work with the defense industries. Ensuring that our team of platers and engineers are up to date with the most recent versions of these specs allows for AOTCO to continue to produce quality work for the military and its constituents.