Rack / Barrel / Wire

Rack/Barrel/Wire Plating – What are they?

Each term is a different method for electroplating parts. Each configuration has a specific type of part it is designed to process.

The first method we will dive into is called racking. The customer part is connected to a metal rack to complete the electrical circuit. Then, the entire rack is processed inside an electrolyte solution. The rack oscillates and vibrates to ensure a uniform deposit.

The second method is called wiring. This process follows the same principles as above, except the wire is used to complete the electrical circuit instead of a rack.

The final method is called barrel plating. This process is typically for bulk, smaller components (nuts, bolts, pins etc). Parts are loaded into a barrel containing electrolyte. Same reaction as above, except tumbling of the pieces at a constant rate ensures their plating uniformity.

AOTCO is capable of plating various part sizes with these plating techniques. Click Here to view a list of specifications AOTCO can plate to or Click Here to request more information. As always, thank you for considering AOTCO!