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Plating on Aluminum
and Aluminum Alloys

Aluminum as a Base Material

Aluminum is one of the most abundantly used metals in the world, due to its wide range of uses and multitude of various alloys. Like all popular manufacturing metals, Aluminum is an extremely common substrate in the surface finishing industry. From soda cans and foil wraps to entire automotive bodies, aluminum has a wide variety of uses across an endless list of industries.

Lightweight, malleable, and surprisingly durable, Aluminum is frequently used by our clients in the Aerospace and Defense industries who are constantly looking to build their equipment lighter and stronger.

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Plating Aluminum Alloys

Aluminum Alloys are named through a categorizing system that uses seven series (1xxx – 7xxx) to indicate what alloying metals have been added to the aluminum. For example, 2000 series Aluminum alloys contain copper, while 6000 series Aluminum is alloyed with magnesium and silicone. AOTCO has extensive experience plating and finishing a wide range of Aluminum and Aluminum alloys including

  • Aluminum Alloy 2024
  • Aluminum Alloy 2099
  • Aluminum Alloy 2219
  • Aluminum Alloy 5052
  • Aluminum Alloy 6061
  • Aluminum Alloy 7075
  • Aluminum Alloy AlSi10Mg (3D Printing Aluminum Powder)
  • Aluminum Alloy A356 (Aluminum Silicone Carbide or AlSiC)
  • Aluminum Alloy A380
  • Aluminum Alloy Mic6
  • And Many More!
aluminum finishes

Common Aluminum finishes include:

Aluminum is a unique substrate, mainly due to the fact that it can be anodized as well as electroplated. Each of the different anodizing types provide a different aesthetic finish and their own sets of physical and chemical properties.

  • Type I Chrome Anodize
  • Type II Sulfuric Anodize
  • Type III Anodize (Hardcoat Anodize)
  • Color Anodize
  • Gold Plating
  • Silver Plating
  • Nickel Plating
  • Nickel Plating as a base for additional finishes
  • And many more!

Looking for Specs?

Learn more about the specifications AOTCO offers, including NADCAP-accredited and RoHS-compliant ones.
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