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AOTCO’s COVID-19 Response Update

AOTCO Metal Finishing is designated as a critical manufacturer both for medical supply chain and defense industrial base.  We are currently processing components for medical equipment – including ventilators – that are critical to our national emergency response to the COVID-19 epidemic.  We also process defense and aerospace parts including priority components that are essential to national security.

Recently, Governor Charlie Baker issued a stay-at-home advisory and ordered all non-essential businesses in Massachusetts to close. Because we are a critical manufacturer, this order does not apply to AOTCO. AOTCO will remain open and operational during the shutdown.

Employees have been advised to report to their scheduled shifts. AOTCO has implemented a comprehensive COVID-19 response plan to ensure employee safety and to maintain production continuity. We continue to monitor developments and will make adjustments as needed.

Meanwhile, AOTCO is ramping up production to support the manufacturing of products for the national emergency response. Any companies who need rapid processing to support this effort should contact us directly for expedited service.