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AOTCO is Now Producing WHO Formula Hand Sanitizer

Limited Quantities Available for Donation or Sale.

In early March, AOTCO began producing hand sanitizer at our Billerica, MA facility.  As part of our COVID-19 response plan, employees are required to wash their hands upon arriving to work and at various times throughout the day. To help employees comply with this policy, we wanted to put hand sanitizer at every workstation.  However, when we tried to buy it, we found that all our suppliers had run out.  Rather than go without, we decided to manufacture our own.

Our manufacturing process was developed by AOTCO’s chemical engineers, following the World Health Organization (WHO) formula and FDA emergency production guidelines.  We mix and fill in a laboratory environment, using sterilized water and containers.  We test each batch to ensure that it is at the target 75% isopropyl alcohol content.

Initially, this project was intended for internal consumption only.  However, the word soon got out, and we started receiving requests from first responders who urgently needed the supply.  In response, AOTCO has donated hand sanitizer to fire and police departments in our area, as well as other organizations on the front lines of the national COVID-19 response.  This, in turn, has triggered even more requests for sanitizer.

In order to expand our support to COVID-19 response organizations, AOTCO is now making limited quantities of hand sanitizer available for sale.  We will announce details on how this will work soon.  Meanwhile, companies wishing to purchase hand sanitizer – as well as COVID-19 response organizations soliciting donations – should contact us at 978-667-8298 or sales@aotco.com.