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AOTCO is Nadcap Accredited


At AOTCO Metal Finishing, we’re proud of the accomplishments we’ve had as the premiere metal finishing company in Massachusetts. We understand the dedication and attention that each of our customers require, and we strive to exceed those expectations with every job. Our work is done in compliance with our customers and their specifications. From our NQA certificate of registration to our NADCAP accreditation to our quality assurance, we are excited to tell our customers about the work we do and how we can meet their needs.  

Since 1975, we have focused on our customers’ needs and satisfaction. We communicate clearly with our clients, industry partners and employees to ensure that every step of our plating process and services are delivered as promised. We don’t hold these standards just in our workplace, we also hold high standards for our suppliers 

Benefits of AOTCO Supplier Quality Standards 

AOTCO values the relationship we share with our suppliers, as well as the quality services and products they provide for us. In order to maintain those positive relationships, we will often complete Quality Checks with our suppliers to communicate needs and expectations.  

Metal finishing is a very important step in high-tech, advanced manufacturing. If one aspect of this process isn’t up to standard, it will impact on the project’s quality, timeline and successful delivery. This is why we follow our strict set of quality control terms and conditions, so that we can guarantee our partners consistent work with no delays in production or delivery.  

Supplier Standards: 

  • Ensures the stringent inspection and observation of POs by our suppliers. 
  • Prevents the use of counterfeit material or products.  
  • Provides test elements for AOTCO. 
  • Connects suppliers and customers so both parties understand what is expected. 
  • Allows AOTCO to inspect and approve any supplier product/process/equipment before in-house processes begin.  
  • And more! 

Our contracts outline the detailed and specific standards of products that we hold in our own warehouse and complete our continuous goal to give our customers the best product possible. In the event of any changes that occur in procedure, equipment, subcontractors, or could alter the outcome of our product, our suppliers are to contact AOTCO and be approved by our Quality Assurance Manager. 

Record Keeping and Documentation 

Our customers and applicable parties also have access to non-proprietary records that pertain to their order which are maintained for 5 years after completion, allowing complete transparency between all parties involved with the creation of a product.  

Accident Prevention and Damage Control 

In the chance of nonconformance materials, suppliers must be presented to AOTCO, where we will immediately begin working towards a resolution for our customer. 

These standards are to be followed by our suppliers, their subcontractors, and other related relationships that result in products or services being given to AOTCO. We rest well knowing our products are maintained of the highest quality we can get, and we hope you feel the same way. 

 If you’re in need of gold plating or metal finishing in MA that follows every industry standard and more, give us a call today at (888) 275-0880.