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Jan 29, 2024

AOTCO Metal Finishing Senior Managers Receive Patriot Award

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AOTCO Metal Finishing Vice President, John Cote, and Production Director, Rob Capaldo, Honored by Department of Defense for Extraordinary Support of Employees who Serve in the Massachusetts National Guard and Reserve

(Billerica, MA) – Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), an agency of the Department of Defense, announced today that John Cote and Rob Capaldo of AOTCO Metal Finishing were honored with a Patriot Award in recognition of extraordinary support of their employees who serve in the Massachusetts National Guard and Reserve.

According to Matt Smith, AOTCO President, “We at AOTCO are very proud to have veterans and active Reserve members as part of the AOTCO team. We’ve found that these employees – like Matthew Montuori and Logan Phuong – who submitted the award nominations – exemplify values that are fundamental to our success: integrity, teamwork, service-orientation, and a commitment to push through obstacles in order to deliver the value our customers need.”

According to Earl Bonnet, Acting ESGR Massachusetts Chair, “The Patriot Award was created by ESGR to publicly recognize individuals who provide outstanding patriotic support and cooperation to their employees, who like the citizen warriors before them, have answered their nation’s call to serve. Mr. Cote and Mr. Capaldo were nominated for being highly supportive of their National Guard & Reserve employees. Supportive supervisors are critical to maintaining the strength and readiness of the nation’s National Guard and Reserve units.”

Proud to support our nation's service members and veterans, AOTCO is a trusted supplier & partner for advanced manufacturers in defense, aerospace, clean energy, semiconductor, and other advanced technology industries. 

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AOTCO Metal Finishing is America’s trusted provider of specialty electroless plating, electroplating, anodizing, passivation, and other complex surface finishing services. Serving the Aerospace & Defense, Clean Energy, Electronics, Medical, Optical, Telecommunications, Semiconductor, and other advanced technology industries since 1975, AOTCO is proud to support our nation's service members and veterans.

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