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Jun 13, 2024

AOTCO Staff Community Service Day

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AOTCO Metal Finishing support the local Billerica community during AOTCO's Staff Community Service Day.

(Billerica, MA) – Being an active, responsible neighbor is in our DNA. As part of our commitment to our neighbors in Billerica, AOTCO team members volunteered to spend a few hours cleaning the streets and sprucing up the Suburban Park Drive area.

"We take pride in our work and in our community," said Phear Thoeung, AOTCO Human Resources Associate and Administrator. With many employees from the local area, we regularly provide opportunities throughout the year for them to give back to the community & local organizations, as well as host numerous social events to strengthen our social connections. 

According to Myer Henderson, AOTCO Director of Marketing & Communications, “We at AOTCO are very proud to have our national headquarters here in Billerica, Massachusetts and have found the Town of Billerica to be a supportive partner as we expand our business. Beyond the close proximity to Boston, the Town of Billerica's management teams are great to work with, and this made it an even easier decision to build-out our new 50,000 square foot facility here in Billerica." 

Proud to support our nation's service members and veterans, AOTCO is a trusted supplier & partner for advanced manufacturers in defense, aerospace, clean energy, semiconductor, and other advanced technology industries. 

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AOTCO Metal Finishing is America’s trusted provider of specialty electroless plating, electroplating, anodizing, passivation, and other complex surface finishing services. Serving the Aerospace & Defense, Clean Energy, Electronics, Medical, Optical, Telecommunications, Semiconductor, and other advanced technology industries since 1975, AOTCO is proud to support our nation's service members and veterans.

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AOTCO LABS is our in-house research and development group. Our team of engineers work collaboratively with research-driven organizations to develop new processes and products, troubleshoot and resolve complex plating problems and scale finishing processes.

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