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Ventilator Production

When the recent crisis started, we made the decision to set aside capacity to help with the national emergency response effort. As of last week, we’ve produced components for more than 20,000 ventilators. We are glad that we could contribute to this effort and support all the hard work being done by first responders, doctors, essential workers, caretakers, etc. We also know that we play a supporting role, and we are grateful to all our customers and the medical device companies who are leading this effort – companies such as Phillips, Medtronic, Zoll, etc.  Their efforts deserve to be recognized.

Moving forward we will continue to support these efforts and are investing in expanding our medical industry capabilities. We are currently in the final stages of ISO 13485 accreditation. This and other initiatives will allow us to continue to add more value for our medical customers. If you need help with a medical job please click here.