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AC7108 in Chemical Processing means Quality Metal Finishing

Metal finishing in Massachusetts from AOTCOAOTCO is determined to bring you the highest quality metal finishing in the industry. Our products must function perfectly under stressful conditions in concert with the most technologically advanced systems in use today. We’re proud of what we do and we’re honored to be recognized by Nadcap, the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program.  We are justifiably proud of our certification, the AC7108 in chemical processing. AOTCO has achieved 18 month merit for 2 years in a row. AOTCO is proud of this accomplishment along with dedication from our team. The AC7108 in chemical processing assures clients that at every stage our process meets exacting standards and specifications. This certification, combined with our other certifications, testified to the emphasis we place in assuring the finest chemical processing and metal finishing.

Nadcap designed an accreditation and audit program to simplify chemical processing along with process control among the complex web of suppliers and contractors in the aerospace and defense industries. Prior to Nadcap every manufacture had different specifications and quality control requirements that required multiple redundant layers of auditing. In an effort to simplify the processes Nadcap was started. Over time, it began to expand its operations and auditing. The AC7108 for chemical processing is the latest in a long line of iterations designed to hone in, simplify, and keep pace with technology. Suppliers who meet Nadcap certifications are held to the highest standards of process control, quality control and personnel training.

Whatever your metal finishing requirements may be, this recent certification is just the most recent in a long list of recognitions for our superior metal finishing. To see more of our certifications, or to look over our materials and specs be sure to visit our website for more information. Let us know how we can help you in your next metal finishing project. Contact us at 888-275-0880 or 978-667-8298 for more information