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Best Options for Reducing Corrosion

You know that corrosion is a death sentence for your metal parts. How can you avoid corrosion and make your metal last longer? Check out this quick guide to the three simple things you can do to ensure your metal pieces last a long time without corrosion.

Make sure your metal is clean.

You can clean it with cleaners designed for the particular type of metal, or you can simply use water and wipe it away with a soft cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaners, as they can cause microscopic scratches in the surface where corrosive materials can hide. When you clean the metal, ensure that you buff with the grain, if there is one. Going against the grain can lead to corrosive chemicals staying in the grooves of the grain.

Limit the metal’s contact with the environment.

This isn’t always possible, but do what you can. Air and water can reduce metal’s durability when exposed to it for long periods. Grease and dirt on the metal can also harm it by causing bacteria to thrive on the metal, or by trapping corrosive materials.

Finish metal before use.

You can reduce corrosion before putting your metal into use by making sure the metal is finished before use. Finished metal doesn’t corrode as quickly, as the finishing process puts a layer of protection over the metal. Make sure you continue to maintain the metal with regular cleaning so that it the protective layer stays intact.

Learn more about finishing metal and other corrosion-reducing options with AOTCO. We can provide the perfect finish for any metal, as well as show you how to keep the metal from corroding during typical use. There’s no reason to delay getting the perfect metal finish for your metal parts. Contact us today for more information.