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What Industries Need Metal Finishing?

Do you use metal finishing in your industry? Take a look at who uses metal finishing—you might interact with it more than you realized!


Jet planes and commercial airlines need a metal that can stand up to atmospheric conditions. Therefore, the metal coating the outside of these aircraft needs to be adequately finished to make sure it stands up.


Most vehicles are made primarily of metal, and this metal needs to be finished. This can be for aesthetic reasons, like the color or the metal details on the exterior. It could also be for practical purposes, like ensuring the metal has the right properties to ensure the engine runs smoothly.


One of the selling points for many appliances is that the metal exterior won’t stain with regular use. These devices are exposed to water, food substances, harsh cleaning supplies, and sometimes unruly children. Finished metal keeps these appliances looking clean and shiny for longer.


Metal components in communications equipment need have the proper conductivity. Communications depend on electrical signals being sent between areas, so the signals need to flow or stop where they’re needed.

Food Processing

Metal conveyor belts and food preparation machines need to be sanitary, so the food is safe. This means the metal finish needs to be easy to clean and bacteria resistant. Metal finishing helps ensure that the surface is safe.


Because this industry is aimed towards families and children, gaming consoles need to have finished metal that can be cleaned easily. The metal needs to make sure the consoles don’t break easily, don’t shock users, and can be used again and again.

Medical Devices

These devices need to be kept sterile, which means the finish needs to resist bacteria and be cleaned easily. Finishing will help with both aspects by ensuring the metal is not hospitable to bacteria and can be cleaned with standard cleaners.


Semiconductors need to have a very specific conductivity, and the same holds true for the materials in these devices. Different metals have different values of conductivity, and they can change over time. You can make sure the metal keeps its conductivity with metal finishing.

Water Treatment

As the metals in this industry will be facing a lot of water exposure, it’s critical that they don’t rust or degrade. Good metal finishing will protect the metal from this and will make vital structures last longer.

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