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Metal finishing in Massachusetts from AOTCOAOTCO has developed expertise in a wide variety of different elements, alloys, and metal mixtures for use in metal finishing. We love working with new and useful compounds, and if you do not see something on our materials list, please contact us. We enjoy the challenge of working with new things and broadening our catalogue.

You may have noticed Copper/Molybdenum/Copper on our materials page. These laminates have an adjustable coefficient of thermal expansion that can be correlated with a range of semiconductor substrates and still maintain high thermal conductivity. In short, they make an excellent heat sink. It takes highly localized heat sources and spreads the energy out through the layers. They also subject to low electrical resistance, which makes them suitable for silicon based devices as well as area power devices. Anything that produces significant heat can benefit from using a Cu/Mo/Cu heat spreader. The copper provides a great deal of conductivity and low electrical resistance, and a very low coefficient of thermal expansion provided by the inner layer of molybdenum. For any kind of electronics, it is important to match the thermal expansion with a given die. Thermal mismatch can create an incompatibility between the die and the heat spreader that should be avoided. Fortunately, the thermal expansion can be matched by varying the ratio of the molybdenum with the copper.

At AOTCO, we have a number of metal finishing tools to help you match the thermal expansion of your electronics. Whether that is the Cu/Mo/Cu, or another that we have covered in our blogs or listed in our materials page, we adhere to a high degree of quality and technical experience. Let us know how we can help you in your next metal finishing project. Contact us at 888-275-0880 or 978-667-8298 for more information