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Metal Finishing with AlBeMet

Posted by AOTCO on April 16, 2015

Metal finishing in Massachusetts from AOTCOOn our website, you will see an extensive list of metals commonly used in scientific and industrial applications. At the top of the list, in alphabetical order, is AlBeMet. AlBeMet was developed by Materion Corporation. AlBeMet is an aluminum-beryllium metal composite. It is 62% commercially pure beryllium and 38% pure aluminum. It is a powdered substance that is consolidated by Hot Isostatic Pressed, Extruded, and Rolled Sheet. It combines the high modulus and low density found in Beryllium metals with the easy fabrication and mechanical properties of Aluminum. This trademarked material has numerous and remarkable properties. The powder organizes aluminum between beryllium dendrites producing a uniform microstructure. It has a very low thermal expansion coefficient but a high thermal conductivity. The high Modulus–to –density ratio is 3.8 times of that of aluminum or steel and has twice the typical fatigue limit of aluminum.   Combined with the limited thermal expansion and thermal conductivity, this makes this material ideal for circuit boards. AlBeMet also has applications in aerospace and satellite technology. It is easy to use, versatile and can be manufactured with the same metal finishing techniques as aluminum.

AlBeMet is a fascinating advance in materials technology and we are pleased to be able to use it in our metal finishing. There is a wide variety of possibilities for any particular project and we would be pleased to talk to you prior to new product design to ensure that the materials and technology will meet our high quality and exacting specifications. Let us know how we can help you in your next metal finishing project. Contact us at 888-275-0880 or 978-667-8298 for more information