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Metal finishing with Invar and Alloy 42

Metal finishing in Massachusetts from AOTCOInvar is a nickle-iron alloy that is known for its low coefficient of thermal expansion. This remarkable discovery is 36% Nickle and 64% Iron. Charles Guillaume developed it in 1896 and called it Invar, short for Invariable, because it is a negligible expansion due to a change in temperature. He won the Nobel Prize for this discovery in 1920 because his discovery made it possible to make extremely accurate scientific instruments. For over a hundred years, Invar has been useful for its unique properties. Invar is still used extensively in a wide variety of industrial and scientific applications. We are pleased to be able to offer Invar as one of our many metalworking services.

Since its discovery, Invar has been further developed into a related product: Alloy 42. Alloy 42 is similar to Invar with a slightly different Nickle to Iron ratio. It is 42% Nickle and 58% Iron. Alloy 42 is now increasingly common for its use in metal finishing, electrical components, electrical circuits, aerospace, glass, ceramics, and other uses. The fact that it has negligible thermal expansion between room temperature and 570 degrees Fahrenheit is what gives it such wide ranging utility.

We put Invar and Alloy 42 on our website because we feel its unique properties in metal finishing would be very useful to our clients. We put a tremendous amount of pride into our high quality and certified metal finishing. We have a wide variety of offerings on our website and please do not hesitate to ask if you do not see a particular substrate listed. Let us know how we can help you in your next metal finishing project. Contact us at 888-275-0880 or 978-667-8298 for more information