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metal finishing in MassachusettsWhen you need polished metal, it can be very confusing to understand what kind of metal finishing in Massachusetts you require, too. Take a look at these commonly used terms to help you understand the differences and also help you decide what you need.


Abrasive Blasting

A method of smoothing a surface by shooting abrasive material against the metal surface.



An alloy is another metal made of two or more elements.



A process that converts the metal surface to an anodic oxide. This also prevents corrosion. Anodizing often gets used on aluminum.


Conversion Coating

Conversion coating is a process that converts the outer layer of a metal to another elemental makeup. The method can also improve corrosion resistance or conductivity.



Corrosion is the deterioration of metal. A variety of reasons can cause it.


Electroless Nickel

Another method of plating metal with nickel that doesn't require electricity.



A method of plating metal using electrolytic deposition.



A method of polishing metal using electricity.


Gold Plating

A method of coating metal with gold. The process can also improve conductivity.



Hardcoat is an anodizing process that also creates a durable surface finish on the metal.



A process where only part of the metal gets exposed to the finishing process.


Mechanical Cleaning

Mechanical cleaning is a cleaning process that uses abrasives such as sandpaper instead of chemical cleaning agents.


Media Blasting

A cleaning that involves blasting the metal surface with abrasives to remove dirt and also grease.



A metal treatment which also reduces the chemical activity on the metals’ surface.



Plating is another finishing in Massachusetts process. The process involves covering the surface of a metal with another kind of metal.


Tin-Lead Plating

Tin-lead plating is another plating method that coats the metal with a layer of tin and also lead.


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