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Hard coat anodizing from AOTCOSince 1975, AOTCO has offered a wide variety of high quality, technologically sophisticated, metal working products, not the least of which is metal anodizing.

What is metal anodizing? It is a process of creating a thin, highly durable layer of metal oxide on the outer layer of the metal. Adonization is often used to make an attractive highly durable finish. The resulting finish is very corrosion-resistant, low friction, and useful in a wide variety of applications. Most often technicians use aluminum use for anodizing but they can use other metals like titanium as well. Anodizing is also ideal for so many applications because the oxide layer is not just on the surfaces like paint or plating, it is fully integrated with the underlying metal. Additionally, it has a very porous structure so further treatments like coloring or sealing can be performed.

To anodize a piece of aluminum, place the aluminum in an acid electrolyte bath. The aluminum acts as an anode, or a positively charged electrode by which electrons leave. The cathode is mounted inside the tank and a current is run between them. Oxygen atoms are released from the medium and bind to the aluminum on the surface of the metal. This controlled oxidation is an improvement on a naturally occurring phenomenon. The anodizing decreases friction and wear on parts increasing their lifespan and the hard coat further increases resistance to wear and tear.

One of the great advantages of anodizing, especially for aluminum, is that aluminum is tremendously recyclable. Approximately one third of all aluminum products come from recycled aluminum. Recycled aluminum saves approximately 95 percent of the energy required to refine aluminum from raw materials. Further anodizing requires no solvents or resins. There are no halogenated hydrocarbons or other carbon-based toxins. Unlike painting or resins, the metal finishing does not change the recyclability of aluminum. Even the anodizing effluents can be recycled into commercial and industrial products like waste water treatment and baking powder.

For great looking, highly durable, and environmentally friendly metal working, anodizing is a great option. Let us know how we can help you in your next metal working project. Contact us at 888-275-0880 or 978-667-8298 for more information