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The World Without Metal Finishing—What Would Happen?

You know metal finishing is necessary, but do you know why? Imagine the world without any metal finishing to realize just how important it is. The world would look very different, and every industry using metal would be spending so much more money.

Without finishing, corrosion and abrasion would wear down metal parts much faster. This would lead to costly replacements for businesses. Some machines would stop working because ruined parts would prevent the mechanics from moving. This could result in dangerous accidents, especially in military or aviation applications. Think about how often you rely on machines working well—and imagine if they could stop without warning. This affects everything from large industrial machines to household appliances and automobiles.

Metal would also not look as nice without metal finishing. While some people may say cosmetic appearance doesn’t matter, time and research have proven that it does. Consumers are more likely to trust machines that look new. Parts that look old and rusted, even if they’re working perfectly fine, are the parts that get replaced, leading to unnecessary cost and waste. Consumers and consumer-facing industries will need to spend more money each year, and manufacturing industries will be forced to create even more. This leads to a harmful impact on the environment.

Unfinished metal would also be much harder to clean. Bacteria can live in microscopic pockets on the surface of a rough metal. This makes the metal unsanitary and unsafe to use in many environments, including medical and food preparation. Not only does this lead to costly replacements, but it can also make many people ill.

Metal finishing is highly important, for more than just aesthetics. Don’t let your products fall behind in a world where finished metal is the top standard. Consider the best types of metal finishing for your business today.