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Why the Cleaning and Pre-Process Treatment Matters

Metal FinishingThere is a reason AOTCO is the go-to metal finishing company in Massachusetts. Not only do we stand by our certifications and abide by those specific regulations, we conduct cleanings and pre-process treatments to ensure your products are the best quality possible. Working with industries that do not have the luxury of having mistakes in their metal finishes means we have researched and implemented procedures to expand the excellence of our product.


AOTCO offers mechanical cleaning by using one of two options: Glassbead or Aluminum Oxide. Glassbead is an eco-friendly application of glass beads to a surface using low air pressure, which leaves a surface clean without causing damage to the material. Aluminum Oxide is a chemical compound also used to be blasted on a surface.


Both treatments have one objective; to rid the surface of contaminants. For many of the same reasons customers choose metal finishing for their projects, these cleaning processes remove the same debris. Rust, mill scale, dirt, or previous coatings from a substrate.


The result of these treatments are an uncontaminated surface for coating. Not only does it allow for a smoother, better-looking surface because all debris have been stripped, it assists in the adhesion of coats.


But before we begin with multiple layers of metal finishing, your surfaces should be protected. AOTCO offers conversion coating of a chemical film called “Chromate” that is often used over aluminum or aluminum alloys to protect from oxidation, extends the life of the metal, and is economical. This thin coating does not change the dimensions of your project and acts as a primer for paint adhesion and other topcoats.


When you place an order with AOTCO, we don’t just want to give you metal finishing, we want to give you a guarantee of quality and ensure that when you leave us, you feel confident using our product.


If you’re in need of metal finishing in Massachusetts, give us a call today at (888) 275-0880.