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Gold Plating & Metal PlatingAOTCO works with a variety of metals to create plating that is not only compatible with our commercial customers’ needs, but align with the budgets of their projects. From silver to nickel to copper to gold, we work to create plating with our high quality assurance program that ensure a low rejection rate from our customers no matter what the material. When considering your materials, know the benefits of gold plating for your plated products.


Oxygen is one of the most active elements and can affect the corrosion of certain kinds of metals. Gold is the most non-reactive of all metals, is untouched by moisture and heat, and will not oxidize. These aspects mean gold will not rust against the natural elements it might be exposed to, and wear will be minimal.

Although gold’s electrical conductivity might fall short to some other metals, it has been proven time and time again to be well suited for the electronics field. Because corrosion cannot occur, gold cannot build a coating of poor conducting or effect the transmission of electrical current, and is able to withstand electrical connections that create elevated temperatures.


Gold’s durability is also enhanced when placed over specific metals. Because gold is a malleable material, it is relatively easy to create a thin layer over metals like nickel and create an even more durable surface. These layers can also be built, and coating thickness can vary from project to project.


AOTCO has been gold plating in MA for 40 years and will continue to do so with our long list of satisfied returning customers. Our commitment to quality means your commitment to gold plating will be completed well.


If you are interested in our plating solutions and what you need to get a gold plating quote, give AOTCO a call today 1-888-275-0880.