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Gold Plating in the Medical IndustryThe need for technology and advanced tools in the medical industry grows each day. The world of medical technology and devices is undeniably one of the fastest growing, and creates opportunities for better methodologies and solutions for doctors, patients, and nurses around the world. Part of creating these tools is making sure they live up to daily use and rarely falter. Gold plating, although a more costly metal, is often chosen in the medical world for a variety of reasons. Here at AOTCO, we’re proud to be a part of an industry that betters lives around the world.

Why Choose Gold?

Metal plating occurs for a variety of reasons. It can extend the life of the product, protect it from damage, and a variety of other things. Gold plating is a more expensive choice, but it boasts a lot of benefits that non-precious metals do not. Medically speaking, gold is the choice in implanted devices. Gold is considered a “biocompatible” metal, meaning it’s less likely to cause postoperative infections and rejection from the body. Further, it’s color allows it to be easily seen in the body, so surgeons have an easier time putting it in. Lastly, it’s high conductibility makes it ideal in devices that rely on electricity to function.

Corrosion Resistance & Malleability

Gold plating is also chosen in the medical industry because of the metal’s corrosion resistance and malleability. Metals that corrode when exposed to oxygen, or any other element, can be hazardous if put into the human body. Gold’s resistance means it won’t rust over time and cause problems. Malleability is the ability to be bent and shaped as necessary. Having a high malleability - as gold does - means its perfect for plating the precise instruments needed in the medical world.

Here at AOTCO, we serve industries far and wide. From medical devices and instruments to aerospace and defense, we like to get our hands wherever we can. This allows us to have expertise in a variety of settings, and we’re more likely to be able to deliver precisely what you wish. For more information about gold plating, visit our site or contact us here.