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Outsourcing Metal Finishing

The team AOTCO prides itself on working productively with our clients and partners in the way that best suits their particular product and business needs. In recent years, as we have continued to grow closer to many of our clients, we have developed a partnership system we call Dedicated Outsourced Finishing.

Under this relationship, AOTCO’s close client partners gain all the benefits of an in-house surface finishing operation while also reaping the rewards of having a plating specialist managing all the technical and overhead processes.

These benefits include:

  • New Product Development
    • AOTCO works with the client to create and manage the surface finishing processes required, helping clients to successfully deliver new products to market
  • New Process Creation
    • AOTCO provides the know-how required to create and troubleshoot new processes, giving clients peace of mind
  • Capacity Scaling
    • AOTCO handles all aspects of growing capacity, freeing clients from concerns about increasing the scope of operations as their markets evolve
  • Cost-Effectiveness
    • Because AOTCO’s entire business is finishing our clients’ parts and projects quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, our clients gain the benefits of AOTCO’s cost management expertise
  • Access to Deep and Specialized Finishing Industry Knowledge
    • AOTCO’s decades-long singular focus on developing and maintaining a world-class team of finishing experts gives our clients access simultaneously to both a deep reservoir of finishing knowledge and cutting edge thinking about problem-solving
  • Improved Company Focus & Efficiency
    • AOTCO manages all aspects of their surface finishing requirements, freeing up internal resources for our clients to devote increased focus on the things that set them apart from their own competitors
  • Reduced Risk
    • Because AOTCO brings decades of know-how to the realities and practicalities of surface finishing we can effectively reduce the risk associated with new product creation, process & capacity scaling and so, reducing the risk our clients would face if they opted for an in-house solution
    • If you have a large volume of finishing needs, complex and/or evolving finishing requirements, or if your current in-house solution might be improved, give us a call to discuss how AOTCO’s Dedicated Outsourced Finishing could work for you.

If you need a finishing partner who will listen carefully and then Make it Happen for You, call AOTCO at 1 888 275 0880

Since 1975 AOTCO Metal Finishing LLC has delivered outstanding results for clients with the toughest requirements for metal finishing.

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