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Metal Pretreatment

Why Are Pre-Process treatments Important?

In our business the finish can only be as good as the start. AOTCO offers a variety of Pre-Process Treatments to make sure the end result is what you’re looking for.

Our Pre-Process Treatments include Mechanical Cleaning, Custom Masking and Chemical Films.

Types of Pre-Process Treatments Available  

Mechanical Cleaning

In order to achieve a great finish it is imperative to confirm that plating is carried out on a clean surface. If the surface is dirty in any way, the result is typically a voided area of the piece – requiring in a strip, reclean, and replate of the parts.

In order to accomplish the level of cleaning necessary we have a series of chemical baths specifically designed for your parts to eliminate debris from the base metal prior to performing the finishing processes.

We also have a variety of blasting techniques – sand, vapor, aluminum oxide, glass bead and more – to clean and prepare your part’s surface for the next steps.


Custom Masking

“Selective finishing” means different aeras of the part require different finishes. In order to achieve this, AOTCO’s highly trained and experienced masking team uses a variety of plugs, caps, tapes, lacquers or other tools of the trade.

AOTCO is renowned for the skill and capabilities of our highly trained and experienced masking technicians. Masking is such an important part of the services our clients demand that we have a dedicated page with in-depth information. We invite you to click through and learn more about Custom Masking.


Chemical Films

Conversion Coatings - often referred to as Chem Film - are a category of surface treatments that can bring a variety of benefits, including surface corrosion protection even at low electrical resistances, increased paint adhesion capability, enhanced surface hardness, and decorative purposes.

Depending on your end goal, Chemical Films may be used to create certain Pre-Treatment surface characteristics as a bridge to reaching that objective.

Like Custom Masking, Chemical Films merit their own information page.


Of course, these Pre-Treatment Processes are not an end, merely the first step.

Not sure which process will best match your specific needs?
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