Cleaning / Pre-Process Treatment

When applying metal finishes, it is imperative to confirm that plating is carried out on a clean surface. If the surface is dirty in any way, the result is typically a voided area of the piece – resulting in a strip, reclean, and replate of the parts.

AOTCO believes strongly in providing reliable metal surface finishing to our customers. We want parts going out the door exactly as expected, as often as possible. In order to accomplish this, we have a series of chemical baths specifically designed for your parts to eliminate debris and FOD from the base metal prior to plate/anodize. Please Click Here to request specific information related to your parts.

In addition to our cleaning processes, we also have rigorous quality inspection checkpoints distributed throughout the processing of parts. AOTCO typically stays below 1% rework rate (currently at 0.8% for the year 2020). With AOTCO, you can trust that we will process your parts as thorough and to the best of our ability as possible.